Рампа 8m x 4m

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Рампа 8m x 4m
Ramp 8m x 4m.png
Snaps to foundations to make it easier to get on top of them. Works especially well with vehicles.
Категория Рампs
Открывается на Tier 0
Ширина 8
Длина 8
Высота 4
Необходимые ресурсы [Развернуть]
Всего базовых ресурсов

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The Рампа 8m x 4m is a steep slope that allows for the construction of foundations, other Рампаs or Walkways on 3 of its sides. From the ground or a lower level foundation, you cannot jump on the top of the Рампа from the highest side without Blade Runners.

Use[править | править код]

The Рампа 8m x 4m allows you to go up or down quicker than the Рампа 8m x 2m. This means that with the same number of Рампаs used, you can go twice as high. It is strongly advised to always have enough Concrete in your inventory when you go exploring, since foundations and Рампаs allow you to create bridges or reach up/down paths. For vehicle automation, it is advised to use Рампа 8m x 2m instead of Рампа 8m x 4m since vehicles can struggle to climb up the steep slope. The maximum speed a tractor can go up this Рампа is 11 km/h, and the max speed a truck can is 24 km/h.

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